Happy World Environment Day!

Welcome to our online session! smile

Today, you and your classmates are going to celebrate World Environment Day through a number of activities, interactive videos and collaborative tasks that will help you better understand important concepts including "sustainability" "environmental awareness" and "green habits".

Learning Path


Happy World Environment Day : Introductory video

First of all, you are going to watch European Council's message about the day and get informed about some alarming facts about how environmental pollution affects the quality of our everyday lives.


Having watched the introductory video, post a wish for Happy World Environment Day on Forum. Watch the instructions above for more details.



Let's remember the 3 Rs of recycling

Now let's remember what we did last time. Take a quick look at the textbook activities covered last time and prepare yourself for a short revision quiz!

Pre-viewing activities

What is an eco-friendly community?

Reflection point : think about the impact of our daily life habits and activities on the environment around us.

Guessing from pictures

Copenhagen  is considered to be an  eco-friendly community! The city was awarded as the "European Green Capital" in 2014. 

Can you predict one habit that most people in Copenhagen adopt? Post your answer under Forum Question 2 , whose link you'll find bellow:

Video-viewing activity

Post-viewing activity



End-of-unit essay : Greta Thunberg