Time to turn green!

Χριστίνα Καραβίδα


                                                                          Happy World Environment Day! 

                                            In this lesson, we are going to see how we can adopt more eco-friendly habits in order to  hrhdrtrhtrjtrjtjtj                                                                      transform our city into a more sustainable, attractive and environment-friendly place to live! 


  • to develop Ss’ listening comprehension skills through an authentic interactive video about an eco-friendly city
  • to familiarize Ss with the topic of  “Environmental Sustainability” and topic-relevant vocabulary
  • to build Ss digital literacy skills through a variety of online tools, resources and activities
  • to enhance Ss collaborative and critical skills through  collaborative writing activities and an ongoing process of online feedback exchange


Upon completion of this online module, students will be able to: 

  • recall vocabulary about “3Rs of recycling” 


Welcome to our online session! smile

Today, you and your classmates are going to celebrate World Environment Day through a number of activities, interactive videos and collaborative tasks that will help you better understand important concepts including "sustainability" "environmental awareness" and "green habits".



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