Not only Jingle Bells!

Jinxuan Yang


This is an online learning course based on Christmas theme and designed for teenager learners (10-12 years old) who have reached B1 level of English language according to CEFR. It is assumed that learners have already had the basic knowledge of Christmas and well-developed linguistic skills and critical thinking. This course provides learners with a more profound understand of Christmas, including its origin, customs and its social influence. The course lasts for about two hours and aims to develop learners’ integrated skills through visual and written materials as well as ethical education.


Complete the Warm-up session for this course and recall you knowledge of Christmas!


STEP 1: Play the Wordwall game on Christmas vocabulary. You may have unlimited attempts, and write down your name after every attempt on the Leaderboard.

Step 2: Go to the Forum and write down your answers in pairs on the Christmas traditions.

In this unit, you are going to explore the Christmas history and culture around the world. Be pepared!


STEP 1: Watch the interactive video and learn about the history of Christmas. You may find some new knowledge that you did not know before. Spread these new knowledge to your family and friends!

STPE 2: Visit the site Christmas Around the World and read Christmas traditions. Write a short report according to the requirement below. Share your report to your colleagues on the Padlet (see link below). You can comment on and express Like to your colleagues’ posts.

STEP 3: This is a selective activity. Explore more Christmas traditions in the visual materials for Christmas Around the World!


Enjoy surfing in the Christmas world!

In this unit, you are going to explore Christmas topic deeper in terms of its ethical issues. 


STEP 1: Read the text (see the link below) about the “ethical Christmas” and the text “Don’t Forget the Wider Community”. Think and write your personal plan (about 150 words) for an ethical Christmas. You may see the examples below. Do not forget to mention the underlying reasons for your plan.

STEP 2: Submit your writing in the Assignment in a word file named NAME+STUDENT ID NUMBER


Hope you learnt something useful from this unit! Merry Christmas!