The Myth of Athena and Poseidon

Rozita Xifa, Eirini Vitsaxaki


In this course, you will dive into the world of greek mythology and will specifically study one of the many myths of ancient Greece. The myth in question is Athena's and Poseidon's fight for domination over the city of Attica. Through this course, you will work on your listening and writing skills. You will, also, get the opportunity to interact with other students in the public forums and in the group assignments. On top of that, you will have the chance to give your own twist to this myth. The aim of this course is to teach you a few things about greek mythology and especially the myth of Athena's and Poseidon's fight in a way that is entertaining and interesting for everyone. 

We hope you enjoy this course!


Course evaluation:

Chat participation: 15% 

Forum participation: 15%

Assignment 1 (group assignment): 30%

Assignment 2 (individual assignment): 40%


In this unit, you will be introduced to the world of myths. Mythology is a vast subject, so you will only need to focus on the myth of Athena and Poseidon. Make sure to use all the materials provided to better prepare yourselves for the forum discussions and assignments that we have prepared for you.

In this unit, you have to complete two activities.

  • You have to watch the video about Greek mythology provided in the unit (Watch the video from 1:36 until the end). Using the information from the video and the knowledge you already have, write on the chat what you think Greek Mythology is.


  • To complete the second task, watch the second video of the unit (The Myth of Athena and Poseidon). After you have to participate in the forum discussion by writing your thoughts about the myth.


This unit focuses only on Athena and Poseidon's myth that you watched in the previous unit (Unit 1). You will have to complete two assignments for this unit. 

Assignment 1

  • Your first task is to form groups. You can use the chat function below to communicate and form the groups.
  • After forming your groups, click on the first assignment (Describing Athena and Poseidon), download the template provided and together with your partners try to describe the two Gods. You can use the videos from unit one for ideas.


Assignment 2

  • For this assignment, you have to use all the information you have gathered in this course and your imagination to create a different ending to the myth by having Poseidon win. You can develop the story as much as you like.



  • After you have finished all your assignments please take a moment to complete the questionnaire about the course.



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