Stories from the Past

Αρχοντία Θάνου


In this lesson we are going to explore short narratives. We will master the use of Past Simple and Past continuous. We will work together, share ideas, explore new forms of knowledge, play and create our own Stories about the Past.

Exercises of all nature will be assigned. Please consult the agenda not to miss any deadlines.

The procedure will go as followed:

 13/12- 16/12 -> Process and complete Parts 1,2 - Find and post your pair in the Groups' section

16/12-20/12-> Work on and post your short story.

21/11-> Blog Post Vote - Read all your classmates' short stories and vote for your favourite ( in the Blog's section )

22/11 -> You will receive feedback from your teacher, regarding your short story.

23/11-> Announcement of the Winning Short Story 

The winning team will have all Christmas Period to create their short movie !  


Get imaginative and let's start !


1.Watch this short story below about an incident at the past. 

2.Listen to the questions at the end. Pause and try to answer.

3.Reflect on your answers.

Step 1 : Study the template above, or Consult Video 1 

                 Watch Video 2 ( From min 00:00- 10:45 ) and learn about Past simple and Past Continuous 

Step 2: Watch the short story again. Find three examples of Past Simple and three of Past Continuous. What are the differences of the two tences in regards to their a) use, ( we use P.Simple / P. Cont. to describe ... etc )

                               b) form, ( auxiliary verbs, suffixes , regular/ irregular verbs)

Post your suggestions in the Forum section. Read your classmates' answers and you may give your own feedback as well.                      

Your teacher will provide feeedback, too.

Step 3 : Go to Exercises section and complete Quiz 1,2 

Step 4: Play the Game 

Note - Make sure you have understood both tences before proceeding to the exercises. 



It's time for you to create your own short story !

1.Choose a partner. At the forum section post your names at the very first available group. Don't forget, each group should have their own forum !

2. With your partner, create a short story about the past. It can be imaginative or real. Then, post it at the blog section. 

3.Read your classmates' posts and give a thumbs up to your favourite 

4. The post with the most likes will be the ONE that will be performed, videotaped and posted on our e class. You can also ask your classmates to perform as actors to your story.

5. For videotaping the short story, it is very important for parents to give their consent. At each groups' forum section, parents can post a short note mentioning if they would like their children to participate in this part of the activity.


I can't wait to see your work ! 


Your teacher 



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