International Mother Earth Day

Σοφία Κωστοπουλου


This 60’ asynchronous lesson aims to introduce students to the topic of “Earth Day” whilst familiarizing them with issues closely related to the environment and encouraging them to become critical thinkers in order to find possible solutions to environmental problems. The lesson is based on the ADDIE Model, the UDL Principles and Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction thus creating the best possible learning environment for the students, one which fosters inclusivity and diversity at the same time.



-To develop Ss’ reading skills through an authentic, non-fictional text concerning the topic of “International Mother Earth Day”

-To focus on the integration of writing

-To enhance students’ collaborative and digital skills



Upon completion of the lesson Ss will be able to:

-Predict the content of the lesson based on the contextual cues and knowledge they have acquired after viewing an interactive video closely related to the topic of “Earth Day”

-Use reading strategies su



In this unit you will learn all about "International Mother Earth Day" and the problems Planet Earth faces. Each activity is designed to enhance your understanding of the topic whilst facilitating your learning skills.