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Students will be able to watch and understand an authentic, non-fiction video in English.

Students will be introduced to a vocabulary related to the solar system.



 Students will be able to relate the new vocabulary to their prior knowledge.

Students should be able to practice their listening skills.

Students will be able to answer simple questions about the video.

Students will be able to practice comparative and superlative form, taught in the previous lesson

Students will be able to express themselves using the new vocabulary.



1. Go to section Links. Using the padlet answer the questions. (Our solar system-Brainstorming .Code: MyEnglish). 

2. Go to section Links. Watch the video and answer the questions (Our Solar System 1)

3.Remember when you encounter a new word you can understand its meaning by looking the words around it. If you still cannot guess then go to section Glossary-Categories and look up your unknown words.

4. Go to section Links and do the second exercise. (Our Solar system-2)

5. Go to section Links. Self-assessment. How well do you know our solar system? Play Kahoot and find it out! 

6. Go to section Links. Use the padlet and share your thoughts! What impressed you the most about our solar system? Respond to at least two posts.(Share your thoughts code: MyEnglish).

Students with an unstable internet connection should visit "Documents" and follow the instructions in the relevant document.





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